“On a boat, going to the southern islands . . .”

Setting out today! Two of Boston’s finest sailors – Dave Kohn and Mike O’Brien – are joining us for our longest passage of our voyage, Pacific passage of 3000 nm from the Galapagos to the Marquesas.

We set out with the classic Southern Cross song on our stereo.

5 thoughts on ““On a boat, going to the southern islands . . .”

  1. Hey Verbena! Your adventure is now compounded 100 fold! I’m sure you can imagine what it is like “stateside” – I trust you are all doing well – stronger, smarter, fitter and can now see the world more clearly. Losing our son Luke has brought something of that to us, though I would have preferred to hop on the Verbena.
    Ben wrote a lovely note – it sounds like you are truly “seeing the world” Ben – it is, after all, in the little things that the world reveals itself.
    I will spare you stateside news, except to say that Massachusetts is pretty on top of C-19 – but the testing is still lagging – huge error by our Fed Govt in declining WHO test kits (and now blaming WHO in typical fashion). Can’t really do much without good testing, so even Massachusetts is struggling to get even. The streets are amazingly quiet, day and night, the birds are singing, and most of us are staying close to home until…..
    Love to you all – Bill, Renee, Vera and Ben – and great sailing! I trust Verbena Vera is taking a photo or two! – Tooey (the erstwhile Mr. Rogers)

  2. Wishing you all a very safe and easy voyage as you travel the world on this very awesome adventure! Looking forward to your posts!
    MaryAnn and Bob Sacks

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