About Us

Beginning August 2019 we set sail from Denmark with the aim of reaching Australia, via the Panama Canal by August 2020.  With kids rapidly growing now was the time to do a trip like this as a family.  If all goes as our current thinking, we will sell the boat once we get to Australia and move back to Boston in time for the 2020 school year.

Around the start of our trip the Scott Kirsner from the Boston Globe published an article, “Sailing like entrepreneurs: High-seas adventure, education await family of Workbar founder” summing up our plans well.  

Bill & Renee got a taste of a voyage like this back in 2003/2004 when the headed off on our J/46 named Vanish for a year and a half two weeks after getting married.  Here’s story of that voyage.

Bill Jacobson

Founder of Workbar, dad, sailor, tech & start-up and idea guy.  He’ll be navigating our path, continually maintaining the boat and keeping a mutiny at bay.

Renee Bushey

Law partner at Feinberg, Cambell & Zack, mom, sailor, labor and employment lawyer and make it happen specialist. She’ll be setting the playlist, practicing yoga (somehow) and hopefully not the only cook onboard.

Vera Jacobson

Boston Latin School, should be in 9th grade but forced to spend a year on a boat with her family.  She’ll be the boat photographer, blogger, scientist and always on the lookout for a hockey rink.

Ben Jacobson

Ben Jacobson

Boston Latin School, 7th grade, taking it all in stride but no clue what he got himself into.  He’ll be the boat pianist, baker and maintenance unpaid intern.