Feb 2 UPDATE – Through the Panama Canal

Feb 2, 2020 UPDATE – We made it through the locks to the Pacific Ocean yesterday. Here’s a time lapse video montage of our transit through the Caribbean side locks:

Time lapse montoge of our Gatun locks tranist

Jan 31, 2020: Pansit (Panama Transit) Day

Panama Transit

In Brexit fashion, the day – like it or not – has come for Verbena to break from the Atlantic Ocean and head into the new Pacific waters.

You can view us going through the locks at these high resolution lock cameras. We should be in the Gatun locks (Carib side) today (Jan 31) between 4pm and 6pm. We should be in the Miraflores locks tomorrow (Feb 1) between 1-5pm.

Here’s how the transit is suppose to go:

  • 1430hrs: today (Eastern Time) we leave Shelter Bay Marina.
  • 1515hrs: Receive an ‘Advisor’ onboard our boat at a waiting area
    • Begin our transit, rafting up with two other boats into a ‘nest’ as we approach the Gatun (Carib side) locks. Verbena will be the middle boat.
  • Spend night on Gatun Lake: Once through the locks, raft up on a mooring in Gatun Lake. The Advisor leaves the boat.
  • 0600 on Feb 1: Advisor comes back on boat and we then travel 35 nm through canal.
  • Afternoon Feb 1: Nest up with other two boats and head through Miraflores Locks on Pacific side.
  • Evening Feb 1: Arrive at La Playita Marina

12 thoughts on “Feb 2 UPDATE – Through the Panama Canal

  1. Loved the movie! Big boats right along side little boats. Thinking of you and welcome to the pacific!! Mira and co

  2. Welcome to the Pacific! Go Verbena and crew. A new ocean adventure awaits: Galapagos, Marquesas and more! I am envious of the voyages to come but grateful for the time on board.

  3. Hi Bill, Thanks for sharing your voyage. The narrative of your days bring back memories of my experiences so I am doubly enjoying trailing along with Verbena and her crew.
    I went through the canal as a crew member of a Danish cargo ship en route to Buenaventura. It was a marvelous voyage for a 17 year old.
    Then once again on a destroyer heading to Korea.
    Finally on a lovely cruise ship en route to San Diego. Not as exciting as the other transits but I recall it was fun to be so close the the ships in the opposite locks.
    Verena’s crew are living what will be treasured memories for a lifetime.
    Fair Winds

    1. Thanks Paul! I often think back of our trip to Bermuda aboard your Tartan 37- the one that started it all for me back when I was 13.

      We are currently in a small delay from lock control, but soon to make our way to the Gatun locks. I hear it is quite a sight to see tankers and cruise ships look like they are floating on air as they transit the locks ahead of us.

      Best to all, Bill

  4. Hey Verbena!
    Good to hear from you! Freckles is doing great. Enjoys sunning herself in the spare bedroom and the occasional stroll outside. It hard to sit down without her jumping into our lap!
    Safe transit,
    Bryan, AM, Loki and Freckles

  5. Renee: This is so awesome; I’m getting lost in sweet visions of the caribbean!
    I’m in awe with the sailing speak that demonstrates a proficiency with sailing that makes feel both sheepish that I have no idea what Bill’s reporting, but also interested to learn more. The fish looks delicious! Glad you guys are following your dreams and hearts. Looks fantastic. Safe Travels

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