5 Ways We Know You’re from the Caribbean

The European life was a fun and interesting with many big cities and castles. In a way, the Caribbean still feels European because some of the Caribbean islands are controlled by Europe or were controlled by Europe. For instance, in a Dutch island we can get such products like stroopwafels (to read more about stroopwafels go to 5 Ways You Know You’re Dutch). The whole Caribbean vibe is different than the European vibe. One thing that adds to the vibe is the music. It is nice because I wouldn’t listen to the music on my own but when you hear the Caribbean music you like it. Here there is less man made things to see but nature to see.

This installment of 5 Ways You Know will be full of excitement in a new Caribbean style!

So here we go. 

1). You wear a rockin’ bun with dreads. To start us off, there are many things the Caribbean got right but I think by far the best was the man buns and dreads. Some people have dreads in a basket up high which looks very Caribbean. Sometimes it is a really big basket thing and really tall. Other people have dreads down and going all over and you would be surprised how long  some dreadlocks are. Finally my personal favorite, some people get the dreads in a nice bun. Now some people do a really fancy bun with dreads and that is a special sight.

2). You’re not in “Rush-a”. When in the Caribbean there is a saying, “No rush, we are St.Lucia not ‘Rush-a.'” In this saying, you can exchange St. Lucia for where you are in the Caribbean or even anywhere. 

3). “Ya mon”. The Caribbeans love their “ya mons”. The Caribbean can never get enough “ya mons”. A lot of the Caribbean people whenever they get a chance, or even if they do not, throw in a classic “ya mon”. Now sometimes you can get a “hey mon.” There are a lot of different Caribbean languages and they are usually native languages, languages from European countries because they controlled or control the island, or a mix of languages. If it is a mixed languages, there is usually writing in the mix of languages. Two mixes are Papiamentu, which is a mix of Spanish, African languages, native languages and Dutch, and Creole which is mostly French and native languages.

4). You know how to cut a coconut. In the Caribbean, there is a variety of good things produced. The best thing produced from the Caribbean is definitely the, wait for it, COCONUT. There are many palm trees in the Caribbean which I like because palm trees are beautiful. Palm trees also make everything around them seem more beautiful and of course, palm trees are the creators of the lovely coconut. To get to the good stuff, the coco cutter cuts the coconut with a machete. The coco cutter should chop off the top just to make a little whole in the hard brown part. This allows the coco water to come out. Once you are done drinking the coco water, the coco cutter should shave the coconut until you get to a hard brown layer all around. Then the coconut cutter should cut the brown bits with a whack from the machete. Next the coco cutter can take the white coconut out and you can eat that. Some coconuts have a more gooey white part inside and that is good too. All in all, the coconut is a ten out of ten coconut experience. I want to have a coconut plantation. 

5). Your GOAT is not Tom Brady. Now New Englanders know the GOAT is Tom Brady, but in the Caribbean their local “goat” is a real goat! In a lot of the islands, you can see wild goats walking down a street. In the Caribbean there are a lot of things you wouldn’t see in other places. For example, there are a lot of different lizards walking around everywhere. Some of these lizards are around 3 feet! There are all different ones too. There is the big one with the beard, the one with the blue tail, and the gray one with the spikey head. The crazy thing is that everyone looks at this big lizard like it is a pigeon.

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