While in Portugal, we were looking for things to explore and see. We came upon Sintra that was only a 25 minute ride from Cascais, where the boat was. When I heard that Sintra was a collection of colorful castles, I knew I wouldn’t see something like that everyday. I was really interested to see how they compared to the other castles we visited in Europe, and what made them so different. Grandma and Grandpa also came along with us but decided due to Grandma’s hurt leg to see castles from the outside. Mom, Ben, and I went to the Pena Palace, where we took a walk to the cross for a far away view. Then to the palace itself, and before leaving took a quick look at the duck ponds that Ben wanted to see.

We were about to leave when we heard of another castle not to far from where we were that sounded really cool. We hopped on a scooter to take us there, and had a fun ride along the stone roads connecting the castle. Then we got to Quinta De Regalia. Mom was very impressed with this castle, having of missed this one 4 years ago when she went to Sintra with Dad.

Walking to the Cross to get a Better Look at Pena Palace
Walking up to Pena Palace
Me in Front of Pena Palace
Cool Tiling inside Pena Palace
Me nervously sitting on the edge
View of Pena Palace from the Back
Inside the well in Quinta De Regalia Palace
Waterfall in Quinta De Regalia
Pena Palace side view – Look at all those colored tiles!
Mom and Ben on the side of the Castle
Quinta de Regalia Church
Big house of Quinta de Regalia
The caves, the Church, and a stone walkway.
Hallway along the side of the main building
Inside the caves under the whole garden
More caves- they were really big
Ben climbing up to look out of a tower
The entrance of the compound

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