5 Ways We Know You’re Danish – by Benny

We have been in Denmark for quite a while now and we have found that the Danish have many special customs. Here are a few things I noticed. 

  • This one is kind of a no brainer, but the Danish do have great danishes and other breakfast pastries. Mom’s personal favorite is a cinnamon roll base with some cream infused inside it and a bit of chocolate to top it off.
  • The Danish also like their condiments. The Danish will never pass a over an opportunity to put some mayonnaise and what not on anything, particularly their open face sandwiches and hot dogs. 
  • This one is my personal favorite. The Danish love to bike and have plenty of bike lanes in Denmark. We have 2 folding bikes aboard and were able to use 2 from the Sailing Center in Haderslev while we were here, so we were able to bike around too! Fun fact, Copenhagen, Denmark is the biking capital of the world. 
  • The Danish kings are mostly either named Christian or Fredrick. I think there was 10 of each. So if in doubt and you need to know a Danish king’s name just go “Christian or was it Fredrick?” We also met several guys named Christian during our stay.
  • The Danish are also very talented in their language. Most Danish know 3-5 languages, which we find very impressive because language does not come to easy to the Jacobson’s. 

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