Hamburg weekend

We decided to go to Hamburg by train from Haderslev since we were getting restless waiting at X-yachts for our engine to get fixed. When I thought of Hamburg, I imagined a bland city with gray everything. Though to my surprise, I found when we visited Hamburg it was a beautiful city with fascinating history and buildings, nice lakes and boats, and trees and bike lanes all around. 

Sunny day in Hamburg
Square in Hamburg
Lake in Hamburg
The remains of a church destroyed in the war, left as a monument to peace.
Canal district near Dialogue in the Dark

We visited a blind museum ( where you were in pitch black and you walked through every day obstacles with a guide who is blind. You don’t realize how many things seem impossible to do when blind. I enjoyed talking to the blind guide and his descriptions his every day experiences. It almost felt like he knew where every thing was and could see in the dark.

We also found a turntable DJ show where you have a turn table. You play it when told to by the pro DJ Kid Koala who is also playing. Last but not least, we saw a pro bike race get ready to take off. There were lots of professional bikers and the street by our hotel was closed down.

They were sold out of tickets when we went to the Blind museum, so mom and dad let us go while they waited:)
DJ Kid Koala show with turntables to play along.
Bike race prep
Bike race stage – not far from our hotel
Vera and Ben with a rider (?) Anyone know him.

Now Hamburg was great, getting to Hamburg was an adventure. Dad wanted to bike to the train station rather than take the bus as we had planned. We took a wrong turn and biked though an excuse of a road. On that road, Mom was taken out log and was not too happy about it. But on total Hamburg was a fun excursion.

Mom was taken out by a log biking and not that happy
Train home
The beautiful Denmark countryside, bike paths everywhere, even along the highway.
Vera’s thoughts on our bike ride

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