Scenes from Copenhagen

Story by Ben

For the past few days, we have been in the first big city, Copenhagen. One main thing about Copenhagen is how the royal family of Denmark lives there. We visited a few of the landmark of Copenhagen. First we visited a garden castle that was used long ago as a summer palace. I found it was crazy that every room was filled with artwork and ancient artifacts. Even more astounding was that the King just decided he wanted a summer house in the middle of town with a huge garden. Then it was built no questions asked. That was the Rosenborg palace. The next day we went to Christiansborg Palace which was rebuilt/remodeled 4 times. It was rebuilt/remodeled twice because there were 2 major fires. It was rebuilt/remodeled twice because the castle is ancient. A different castle where the current royal family actually live is Amalienborg. In this castle, there was so much history of past royals. There is also a changing of the guards where there is a whole routine. Finally we visited the the Round Tower. It is like the Washington monument but round and with a ramp, so a carriage could go up it a long time ago. In Copenhagen, there are also many fun restaurants and bike lanes. Copenhagen is a  great town and I hope to come across others like it.

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