Haderslev Field Review

On Wednesday, Dad and I went for a fun bike ride to a field at sunset. The field was in Haderslev, Denmark and is part of the Haderslev Fodboldklub. The day before we bought a football so we were prepared to play. We were excited to see that the field was very nice. The grass was beautiful. To expand on grass quality, we thought that good grass is best, then turf, and last and least bad grass. While the Charlestown field is more suitable for the area, it has a big variety of things to do and ways to do them. The Danish field is a little more professional. Just as we were leaving, we saw there was much more than just that part of the field. There are many more sports. This is what really put the Denmark field on top. I am excited to see what see what new fields we will find.

  1. Turf or grass? Most excellent grass
  2. Field quality (0-20): 19 Saving room for a possible better, but hard to imagine.
  3. Lights / no-lights (0-10): 5 Lights next door at stadium, plus stays light here till 10 pm
  4. Fung Shiu / ascetics (0-20): 15 Has a pro feeling
  5. Sport options (0-10 popularity of activities). 3 for every activity, 5 for playgrounds): 9 this looks like a major sporting complex
    1. Soccer: 3
    2. Shotput: 3
    3. Practice Nets (not sure what sport this was): 3
    4. High/Long Jumps: 3
    5. Tennis: 3
    6. Track: 3
    7. Indoor tennis: 3
    8. Arena Soccer: 3
    9. Basketball: 3
    10. Jungle-gym workout area: 5
  6. Equipment quality (how are the nets) (0-15): 13 Very nice
  7. Food availability (0-10): 8 Whole cafe on complex, although never tried food.
  8. Bathrooms (0-10): 9 Must have them at cafe, but never tried
  9. Extras (0-20): 10 So much stuff, feels very Olympic.

Haderslev, Denmark Field Total Score: 120

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