Dinghy Name Decision

With the purchase of our new dinghy, we came across a question we thought you could help us answer – what should this new dinghy be called? We have four choices below from Renee, Vera, Bill and Ben that could be the name of the new addition to the Jacobson boating adventure! – comment below with your pick


I would like to name the dinghy “Flower child” since Verbena is both a flower and the names of the children.  Plus, the dingy is sort of like the “child” of the vessel Verbena, the flower. -Renee?


 I am called the “boat boy” and one of my jobs is keeping the dinghy in order. I thought that if I am the boat boy and Verbena is the boat, the new dinghy should be called “boat boat.” This is not a typo it should actually be called boat boat. -Ben?


I kinda said this as a joke but “Osay Umbday” is so dumb in pig latin and recently Ben has been talking to me in Pig Latin a lot. Therefore when Dad asked me for a dinghy suggestion, I took one of my classic phrases “so dumb” and turned it into pig latin because I thought this was dumb (which this is) -Vera ?


I would like to have this new dinghy the same name of our old dinghy, Haze. I have already committed Haze to memory and who needs to re-learn. -Bill ?

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