We are a Boston based family taking a year away to explore the world aboard an X-55 sailboat we recently purchased for the trip named Verbena.  Here we will chronicle our voyage. Subscribe for our updates.  

Bruins Game, Feb 10, 2019 (Bruins win in overtime 2-1, go Bruins!)

Our trip will begin at the end of July 2019 in Denmark.  Over the course of a year we intend to sail south and west to Australia via the Panama Canal, exploring the land and sea along the way.  


Intended route, here’s how we ended up with this plan.

At the end of August 2020 we will return to Boston to re-enter schools, jobs and our land based lives.

We have many big and small items to figure out, plus many places and people to visit along our journey.  This blog will be our logbook, our scrapbook and with your comments our way to stay in touch.


Fair Winds,

Bill, Renee, Vera & Ben


Sister Ship X-55 based in Spain